Bats & Mice

Over the past decade, Bats & Mice has quietly crept through the music world with a measured but growing presence. Three members of Sleepytime Trio, Jonathan Fuller, David NeSmith, and Ben Davis, originally formed the band in the late nineties. They began writing songs together in a style that pursued and explored dark, meandering melodies while retaining the vitality and drive of their previous efforts. This trio produced Bats & Mice's first work, a self-titled CDep released on Lovitt Records in fall 2000 to critical acclaim and mass popularity with college radio and fans alike.

After Jonathan Fuller's departure to focus on Engine Down and Denali, Lovitt Records released Believe It Mammals in the spring of 2002. The line-up on this full-length featured the talents of Daron Hallowell and Ash Bruce, both from Four Hundred Years. Bats & Mice's stylized blend of not-so-saccharine pop and propulsive rock captivated audiences as they toured the country and released another EP, "A Person Carrying a Handmade Paper Bag is Considered as a Royal Person," in 2004.

Six years, several personnel changes, and a lengthy hiatus later, Bats & Mice has re-emerged with its original members . The release of their latest 7", "Back in Bat," is an extension of the haunting themes and soaring harmonies of their prior releases. Energetic and refreshed, Bats & Mice enter a future that looks bright. A steady approach to song writing and plans to tour the USA and Europe in the summer and fall of 2010 contribute to a new chapter in the history of this group. Bats & Mice are working on new material for their next LP record, and a reinvigorated enthusiasm has infected the band, a good omen for the group and fans alike.