Ben Davis

Live at XM Radio (LRLV003)

Playing live in the XM Radio studios was something I was looking forward to. I had gotten to know a few of hard - working folks at XM and they had treated indie rock band such as ourselves with more respect than we deserved. The had interviewed Bats & Mice live and so I was stoked to get into their beautiful studio and see if BD & The Calculators could muck it up a bit. We arrived fairly early on a bright Saturday morning and set ourselves up across this modern tall windowed studio. The Calculators were an extremely talented bunch of rockers and did not disappoint that morning. Aimee and Tim from Des Ark were on guitar and bass. Luke Herbst was killing his drums over in the corner right up against the glass. Ileana from the craft revolution company India Romeo stroked the keyboards and I had with a lap steel guitar on a music stand. We wailed and howled our way through a typical set no chatter, no muss, no fuss. Ok, maybe a little muss. Before we knew it – we were back out in the sun, driving back to Chapel Hill.

Tim and Aimee drove separately and went into DC for a little bit – got so stuck in traffic heading home (like 1 hour behind us) they missed a Des Ark show that night - Even the easy gigs get complicated somehow…

-Ben Davis