Origins And Deconstruction (LRLV006)

Demos recorded in 2003 by Decahedron at Mystic Gnome Mobile Studios at The Norwegian Cabin and Joe's Old Basement, Arlington, VA. Remixes by Brahm in 2005 in The Greenhouse, Springfield, VA.

These recordings contain the original demos that were emailed to Jason Hamacher whilst he was on tour with INC in Europe that incidentally began Decahedron. The other tracks are culminated from rehearsals during the making of "Disconnection_Imminent" plus remixes by Brahm originally intended for a never-realized vinyl release of the EP "2005". A document of Decahedron's development and the expansion of Jason and Shelby's previous sound on the last Frodus album "And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea" augmented by Joe Lally from Fugazi's dub-inspired weaving basslines.

Decahedron on these recordings:

Shelby Cinca - Guitar/Vocals
Jason Hamacher - Drums
Joe Lally - Bass
Jake Brown - Bass

Additional guitar on "Bucharest" by Clark Sabine.