Bughummer, a band from Savannah, Georgia, enjoyed a five-and-a-half year run from 1992 to 1998. Originally formed by guitarist Jon Proctor at the Savannah College of Art and Design as a quartet, the group underwent different line-up changes and settled with Proctor, bass player Keeley Davis (now of Engine Down), and drummer Brian Lackey. The band was challenging and mercilessly aggressive in their approach to music. As a result, Bughummer's sound, which was always on the far fringes of pop, is complex and technical. Bughummer also augmented their live show with frequent improvisation and experimentation. Not concerned with crafting music that fits into preconceived notions of the conventional rock song, Bughummer blended keen lyricism and emotion with a structure punctuated by sudden stops, starts, and silent passages.

In their eventful tenure as a band, Bughummer cultivated a strong sense of community in Savannah and performed with such recognized acts as Fugazi, Karate, Frodus, and Sweep the Leg Johnny. Their final recording, The Get Away With, is a rough-hewn gem that many more will have the opportunity to hear and discover.