Few current acts can match the intensity and vibrancy of Haram. The band first assembled in Summer 2004 and played their first show in January 2005 to coincide with the release of their demo, which they released themselves. One year later, Jim Siegel recorded their first, self-titled LP, in Stoughton, Massachusetts. On their spectacular debut, Haram mine disparate facets of punk and noise to conjure something wholly cohesive and engaging. Matt Michel (ex-Majority Rule) and Mike Taylor's (ex-pg. 99) dual guitars roil and churn, while Kevin Lamiell and Andy Gale form a kinetic and explosive rhythm section on bass and drums, respectively.

Kevin Lamiell amicably left Haram shortly after the album's completion, but longtime friend Jeff Kane (ex-City of Caterpillar) stepped in and blended into the group seamlessly. In 2006, the band toured the United States and Europe in support of their first album. After this, the band took a much-needed break and wrote new songs while reworking old ones with a new bass player and an additional guitarist (Kevin Longendyke and Ben Tankersley, respectively). Drescher is the result of this renovation and was again recorded by Jim Siegel at the Outpost. The group will tour Europe again this November to coincide with this release which will be available on CD on Lovitt Records and vinyl as a split between Lovitt and Adagio Records. Unrelenting and forward, Drescher shows a group possessing a mature, tempered confidence that only comes with experience and do-it-yourself resolve.