It all started as a few musical file transfers from laptop to laptop in a van while touring Europe as the band Engine Down, and ended as a full-blown album of musical compositions by means of the internet from opposite corners of America. Glos started as Keeley Davis (former frontman of Engine Down and bass/synth player for Denali) and Cornbread Compton (former drummer of Engine Down, Biology, and currently Heavens). Many years of playing in Engine Down together proved the duo had a naturally unique style of meshing melody and rhythm. When the discovery of song creation on computers became a reality, the two found strength and freedom in writing separately and then collaborating. Adding to each other's songs as if they were created mutually in the same room was natural and noticeable.

After collaborating on over 20 songs and having never physically played the songs together in a rehearsal environment, the duo decided to take even more advantage of the freedom that this style of writing offered. They invited Keeley's sister Maura Davis (former frontwoman of Denali) to join the project and to add her beautiful, sultry vocals to the songs that already seemed perfect for her. If it weren't for the internet, none of the songs would have grown into the theatrical landscapes that they have become, since each member was working on different projects full-time in Texas, California, Virginia, North Carolina, and Illinois. Assistance in recording drums was provided by Ben Lovett's studio in Los Angeles and Black Iris studio in Richmond, VA, to obtain quality without losing time.

After two years of writing and refining, Glos has its first album entitled Harmonium. Longtime friendship with indie label Lovitt Records, who put out numerous releases of the members' previous bands, was the obvious choice for this record.