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F Letter (LP) (LOV004)

1. The Feelgood Song Of The Year
2. War Dialer
3. Formula
4. Factory Six
5. Cha-Chi
6. Anthem
7. Dumb Terminal
8. Swing Set
9. f-letter
10. 22-D10
11. Buick Commission

This album is quite the bizarre creation. It happened in the beginning of January 1996 when Frodus went to record their full-length even though they didn't have a label to release it. Originally, an offshoot label from Triple X called Infra Red was going to release f-letter, but due to unfortunate circumstances the label went under. With this at hand, Frodus was still determined to record this record at the time they slated.

The winter was harsh and Boston was cold. The Conglomerate arrived and began the musickill madness. With engineer Brian McTernan (Big B. McT) they felt positive that he could ride the storm and document the FCI creations. Mr. McTernan is known for producing such notables as Texas is the Reason, Promise Ring, and Converge, to name a few. The recording went smoothly and had its moments of creative spontaneity, hence the ten-minute epic of "Buick Commission." When the time for vocals came around, Frodus operative S. Cinca decided to tackle "Cha-Chi" (sung in Japanese). To everyone's amazement (including himself) he got it in two takes. The English version was recorded shortly after (as heard on "The Lovitt Empire" 7"). Vocals went way into the wee hours of the night and soon into the early morn. Howard Pyle blew through his vocals and discovered his vocal art. Drummer J. Hamacher also contributed backup howls (which now can be heard in the Frodus side-project Mancake).

The mixing sessions were a rollercoaster of malfunctioning machines and technological war. After many long hours, the smoked cleared and Frodus stood strong.

Post-humous notes:

-The CD of this album was released on Double Deuce (a Caroline distributed label) from New York City- the label folded in the late 90s.