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Various Artists

Lovitt Empire Comp (LOV003)

1. Monorchid: Red Meat
2. The Shivers (Ruby Dare): Woodie
3. Blue Tip: F-
4. Frodus: Cha-Chi (English Version)

This release was the first release in which the other brain came in to form the final collective brain of the Lovitt Empire. With the likes of Monorchid, Frodus, Bluetip, and The Shivers (now known as Ruby Dare), this release introduced the recruits of the Lovitt Empire to all. The songs featured on this release are as follows:

Monorchid give us "Red Meat," which tells us a story of lost love which in a way expresses a feeling of both joy and sadness. This particular track is an ideal example of cajuncore. Monorchid cooks it hot and spicy.

The Shivers (Ruby Dare) deliver their brand of garagey surf rock with "Woodie." The lyrics on this one provides much mirth. Dig it!

Bluetip start Side Two of this compilation with their track, "F-." Many of us agree that this is by far one of the best Bluetip songs ever recorded. Punk intensity, great stops and starts. . . holy moly. . . this is pure heavy rock only as Bluetip could deliver. We hope you wear your seat belt for this one.

Frodus round out the compilation with "Cha-Chi (English version)." This is the English version of the song "Cha-Chi" which is sung in Japanese on the Frodus album, F-Letter. This is completely over-the-top spazzcore! You won't believe what you are hearing when you listening to this. Find out the mystery of what the heck Frodus is singing about.

Thus ends the saga of the first Lovitt Empire.

Recorded in the catacombs of the Lovitt Metropolis amongst the many studios that reside below. The travel between studios was provided by Lovitt Jetmetrorail and piloted by Melissa Quinley. Assembled in the summer of '96 for new recruits in the Lovitt Empire.

-First 200 were on blue vinyl.