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Rah Bras

Ruy Blas! (LOV025)

1. Bababoon
2. arty O The irst art
3. Civic
4. Nux
5. Scoop Toe Pump Girls
6. Gently Jeanrah
7. Fungry
8. Homofuge
9. Hardoard
10. Spankish Flies
11. Cleavage Multum
12. Bitchin Fissure

After two impossibly short, yet seminal CDeps on Lovitt and Vermiform Records, Rah Bras are ready to engage listeners once again with their concentration of melodic assault and spectacular beats. Consisting of a gigantic keyboard, bass, and drums, Rah Bras music layers provocative vocals over tight little riffs and throbbing tempos. Ruy Blas!, the new project on Lovitt Records, is an audacious concoction of pop presence and electronic abrasives that gallops the gamut from gamelan to garish. This ability to absorb an obsessive amount of rather disparate influences in order to create something so wholly new and uncontrived is a rare feat. That it comes together so effortlessly for this band awards them a certain genre-defining moment with this release.

In addition to the aforementioned CDeps and new full length Ruy Blas!, they have also contributed to multiple compilations, including the "Whistle of the Missile" video on Bifocal Media, the remix project released by Skyscraper magazine, the mix-tape double CD on Troubleman, two compilations on Vermiform Records (Fruited Other Surfaces and False Object Sensor) and an compilation on Toyo Records.