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Bats & Mice
The Cassettes
Dame Fate
Decahedron/The Black Sea
Del Cielo
Ben Davis
Division Of Laura Lee
Engine Down
Fin Fang Foom
The Grey
Pygmy Lush
The Rah Bras
Supine To Sit

Four Hundred Years
Sleepytime Trio

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Please note that THE BLACK SEA had to change their name to DECAHEDRON because of another band who was using the same name. Current band bio at: www.decahedron.net/bio.php

2005 EP one-sheet (LOV46)
Disconnection_Imminent one-sheet (LOV33)
s/t EP one-sheet

(ALL PHOTOS BY: DAVID HOLLOWAY unless otherwise noted / *Photo by Mark Beemer)

2005 EP   2005 (with Jake Brown)*
  2005 (current lineup)   Disconnection

s/t EP   2003 - 1 (with Joe)
black & white
  2004 - 2 (Old Lineup)
color / black & white

2004 - 1 (Old Lineup)
color / black & white