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Things Are About To Get Weird (OHAU-008)

1. There's A Bag Of Weights In The Back Of My Car
2. Kick It
3. New Balance
4. Before The Calm Was Lost
5. Simp Twister
6. An F Cat Can Play Fetch Too
7. So, This Is Your Apartment
8. Not How It Will Happen
9. California
10. The Depth Of The Silence That Was Reigning Over The Veranda

Things Are About to Get Weird , was recorded at Electrical Audio by Mr. Steve Albini in February of 1999. The album features ten songs ranging from angelic slow burners ("There's A Bag of Weights In the Back of My Car") to fractured pop ("Kick It", "New Balance") to epic soundtracks ("Simp Twister"). Equal parts calming and cathartic, "TAATGW" ebbs and flows from simple, lilting melodies to the most beautifully damaged distortions of all time. All the while the songs are kept grounded by economic back beats and tied together with deceptive vocal hooks. While the Pinebender power trio took full advantage of the microphone and instrument collection (16 string guitar ?!?) at Electrical Audio, they also played the gracious host to a couple of guest musicians. Jay Ryan from Dianogah stopped by with his stand up doghouse bull fiddle ("Before the Calm Was Lost") and Evelyn Weston bowed the musical saw on the closing song, "The Depth of Silence That Was Reigning Over the Veranda".

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